Joey Dashboard the patented secret to integrating computerized power into any bag.

Joey Dashboard the patented secret to integrating smart power into any bag.



Effortless Access to Mobile Power – Hidden Within Your Smartbags

As a bag manufacturer, how do you successfully position your company in an overcrowded field? How do you competitively differentiate your products? The secret of course is to address your customers’ most important unmet need. Today, your customers depend on their smartphones like never before. Are your bags keeping up with their needs?

Powering your customers’ devices while they’re on the go is a compelling and innovative idea and the Smartbag category is growing fast. What would it mean to your brand to combine the quality of your bag designs with the benefits of built-in power?

At Joey Energy, we do one thing, and we do it exceptionally well: we make computerized electronic power specifically designed for integration into Smartbags and Powerbags. Our patented power supplies have exceptional water and shock resistance, as well as heat management, and our world-class engineering ensures broad compatibility with the many different devices your customers are carrying.

The Smartbag and Powerbag category is already well advanced. Don’t design for “where the market was” several years ago. Contact us and let us show you the state of the art today.